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Without a doubt, a proposal is a significant milestone in life. Everybody wants it to be perfect, especially the engagement ring. The search for the best ring can be a daunting task, however. The sheer number of possible ring designs, cuts, styles, and shapes, among other aspects, doesn’t make choosing any easier. At Bryn Mawr Jewelry, you can rely on our knowledgeable staff to help you select among the best engagement rings in Chicago that we offer.

We have been in the jewelry business since 1918 and has been the trusted jeweler of couples and families in the Chicago area for generations. Backed by a century’s worth of experience and expertise in jewelry design and manufacturing, it is our commitment to guide our clients until they discover the wearable masterpiece of their dreams.

Engagement Ring Collection

Our vast collection of unique engagement rings in Chicago includes everything - from excellent contemporary wedding rings to exquisite antique-style engagement rings that exude unmistakable beauty and elegance.

Suppose you’re not yet set on a particular type or style, our personalized service makes sure to cover your every need, starting with a presentation of the different center stone options available. It is our aim to make the process of finding the perfect gem that symbolizes your relationship a lot easier.

You can choose from our selection of natural diamonds, picked off from the earth and shaped into its best form, or diamonds created in the lab, which are no different from their naturally-mined counterparts in terms of chemical composition, but cost less per carat. We work with expert gemologists to walk you through the process of choosing your forever stone. Whether you pick the natural or one of our lab creations, our friendly and personable customer service team will help ensure that you’ll have all the information you’ll ever need.

Custom Wedding Rings

We realize that individual taste, styling, and design are crucial to all wedding rings in Chicago. To make sure that we cover every aspect of your preferences, down to the smallest detail, we provide quality custom-made wedding rings.

This also works perfectly if you have a stone or any other family heirloom that you want to be displayed as part of your wearable masterpiece. We have a team of highly-skilled artisans that’s always ready to make modifications to ensure that your custom ring design will fit nicely according to the stone dimensions that you choose to use.

Chicago Proposal

If you’re looking for a place to pop the question that is as unique as your engagement ring, the Windy City certainly makes for an excellent choice. Chicago is a one-of-a-kind place where n the big city’s lifestyle combines effortlessly with the fascinating culture of the Midwest. While in the city, it’s easy to have a grand time with the love of your life. Some of the activities you can do together include:

  • Catching the sunrise overlooking Lake Michigan from Navy Pier
  • Climbing the observation deck at the top of Willis Tower
  • Riding a glass-bottom gondola on the Centennial Wheel
  • Driving through the Magnificent Mile on a horse-drawn carriage
  • Riding a tandem bike through the lush and scenic Lakefront Trail
  • Huddling for an adrenaline rush on a ledge in the observation decks

Making Memories Since 1918

The Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company is part of a long-standing tradition of excellence in the jewelry business since 1918. We are a full-service jewelry store that focuses primarily on bridal jewelry, custom design, and watch & jewelry repair on top of our unparalleled customer service.

Explore our premier collection of wedding and engagement rings today. For inquiries or assistance with our products and services, connect with our team by calling (773) 271-6263 or filling out our online form now!

Engagement Rings