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Expert Repair

Beautiful jewelry doesn’t just sparkle – it speaks.

Your jewelry tells the world who you are, how you feel, and who you love. Jewelry helps us understand ourselves, and it helps others understand us. 

We want you to love your rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets just as much as you did when you received them. From simple fixes to complex overhauls, we draw on decades of experience to repair – or even recreate – your favorite pieces.


Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company has a full repair and service shop right on the premises. All jewelry repair are done in-house, by the owner, so your items never need to leave the store. We offer free jewelry cleaning & inspection while you wait and provide jewelry appraisals as well.

Whether you want to remount an engagement ring, turn a ring into a pendant, refurbish vintage jewelry, or set your own stones into a new design, we can produce any item you desire through computer aided design technology. The possibilities are endless! We recommend that you have us check your jewelry every six months for loose stones, broken prongs or other problems that might occur.

Appraisals are also done and at no extra charge on a new purchase. Call for pricing on pre-owned jewelry.


Bryn Mawr Beautiful Jewelry Doesn’t OnlySparkle and Dazzle Your Senses... It Also Speaks to You!

It’s no secret your jewelry tells the world who you are, how you feel, and who you love. They are also heartfelt companions who always reminds us of how special we are. At Bryn Mawr Jewelry we want you to love your rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, by carrying the love and affection you have for them, for as long as you possess them. It’s our sincerest desire you take comfort in the knowledge that from simple fixes all the way up to complex overhauls, our master jewelers who draw on decades of experience,can repair, restore and even recreate your favorite pieces.

Quick On-site Repairs

Finding a reliable as well as an accommodating jewelry repair shop is easier said than done. However, at the Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company, we have a full complement of repair and service personnel situated right on our premises, ready to serve you at all times. In fact, unlike some others, all of our jewelry repairs are carefully carried-out in-house by our owner, so your items always receive the best of care and attention, while never leaving the hands of our chief master jeweler and resident expert.

Experienced & Certified Quality

Whether you want to remount a ring, turn a prized piece into a pendant, refurbishvintage jewelry, or have your own stones set inside a new design, our group of masterjewelers and outstanding professionals can create the design of your dreams. By utilizing the latest technology and fine techniques, we are able to offer you the verybest possible line-up of services, where the possibilities are endless, and are onlylimited by your imagination.

Professional Ring Repair Services

From adjusting a ring size up or down, to soldering rings together, we have all of yourring repair needs covered. Whether it be Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings (Band),Signet Rings, Men's Rings, Class Rings, Claddagh Rings, & more, we can quicklyresize and repair them.

Here’s a List of Our Ring Repair Services

  • Clean & Polish
  • Engraving
  • Invisible Setting
  • Prong Retipping
  • Rebuild or Replace Prongs
  • Rhodium Coating
  • Ring Refurbishment
  • Ring Shank Reshaping/Replacement
  • Ring Resizing (Ring Sizing)
  • Half and Full Shank Repair
  • Solder Rings Together
  • Set Stones (Stone setting, Tighten Loose Stones)
  • Stone Replacement

Necklace, Bracelet, & Earring Repair Services

Our bottom line is, if it's jewelry, the Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company can repair it. Our facilities are well equipped and staffed, ensuring that we can accommodate any and all types of jewelry repairs.

Our List of Necklace and Pendant Repair Services

  • Broken Chain Repair
  • Chain Soldering, Clean & Polish
  • Engraving
  • Pearl Restringing (Knotted or Unknotted)
  • Prong Re-Tipping
  • Rebuild/Replace Prong Refurbishing
  • Replace/Repair Clasps
  • Snapped Elastic (Broken String)
  • Solder/Fix Break in Chain
  • Stone Setting
  • Stone Matching
  • Stone Replacement

List of Bracelet Repair Services

  • Broken Lock Repair
  • Broken Hinge Repair
  • Clean & Polish, Engraving
  • Invisible Setting
  • Jump Ring Repair
  • Metal Work
  • Prong Retipping
  • Rebuild or Replace Prongs
  • Rhodium Coating
  • Set Stones (Stone setting/TightenLoose Stones)
  • Snapped Elastic (Broken String
  • Stone Replacement

List of Earring Repair Services

  • Broken Hinge Repair
  • Clean & Polish
  • Invisible Setting
  • Jump Ring Repair
  • Metal Work
  • Posts and Backs Conversion
  • New Earring Mountings
  • Replace Posts/Clips/Backs
  • Rhodium Coating
  • Set Stones
  • Stone Replacement

Active & Transparent Communication

We always strive to the best of our ability, to go above and beyond in our efforts to take care of you, our customers at all times. As part and parcel of our deep commitment to service, we keep you updated every step of the way while your jewelry is in our repair shop, and remain ready at all times to respond to any question or inquiry you may have. We value transparency, which is why we practice it at all times with our customers. If by chance an additional jewelry repair is needed, we immediately inform our customers upfront and discuss it in detail prior to undertaking a repair.

Free Cleaning and Appraisals

At Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company, we are pleased to offer complimentary jewelry cleaning & inspection while you wait. Appraisals are also undertaken at no extra charge on a new purchase.

You can also callus today @ (1)773-271-6263 for pricing on pre-owned jewelry.


Bryn Mawr Jewelry Co. is a luxury diamond jewelry house known for its exceptional fine jewelry and timeless designs.

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